Lay Training

Surge School

The Surge School was developed to offer a year-long program of theological education for lay leaders in the churches in Phoenix.



There has been much talk about the importance of training lay leadership both for their roles in the local congregation and in their cultural callings. But actual efforts to carry this out have been sparse. We are committed to an ecumenical and innovative lay training initiative.

  • Ecumenical: Over 20 churches are now involved in the Surge Training Program training over 150 people per year
  • Innovative: The Surge School utilizes a unique information/action/reflection learning model.  Students participate in 3 learning environments over the course of the 9 month school year:  Individual study, weekly tables, and intensives.  Students are responsible to read a book and other articles each quarter.  Groups of 3-10 people from local churches meet together regularly to discuss the reading and how each of the students is engaging the Surge Practices and Rhythms in their lives.  Finally, each quarter features a 2 night intensive where the authors of the books or other teachers lecture on the topic.