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    Missional Training Center

    Theological education training missional leaders in Phoenix area churches.

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    Our Mission

    Provide theological education that trains pastors and leaders at four levels to equip congregations for their missional calling.

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    Laity, Theological Students, Pastoral Enrichment, Ph.D.

    “We provide four levels of theological education.”


Lay Training

The Surge School was developed to offer a year-long program of theological education for lay leaders in the churches in Phoenix.


Theological Education

We train theological students for pastoral ministry. This is done in cohorts following a missional curriculum. We are partnering with Redeemer Seminary, Dallas to offer an accredited M.A. degree.


Pastoral Enrichment

We provide ongoing professional development and enrichment for pastors who already have theological degrees. These pastors participate in the cohorts alongside students in their churches.


PhD Program

Michael Goheen is associate faculty at Trinity College, University of Bristol, UK. He supervises PhD students that will become future academic leaders in missional theological education in Phoenix.